More Powder Coating & Engine Assembly

We’ve completed powder coating on most all our Datsun 280Z engine parts and we’ve now started assembling our motor.  As I’ve said before, we’re going stock on our drive train with L28 block and N42 head.  Here are some pictures of our progress.

Datsun 280Z Intake Manifold New

280Z intake manifold prep'd, taped with silicone plugs inserted for powder coating.


Datsun 280Z Valve Cover Ready for Powder Coat

280Z valve cover prep'd and ready for powder coat.


Datsun 280Z Valve Cover and Intake Manifold After Powder Coating

280Z valve cover and intake manifold after powder coating.


Datsun 280Z Engine Painted and Powder Coated

280Z engine painted, valve cover, intake and exhaust manifold powder coated, head, aluminum parts and block clear coated.

Datsun 280Z Engine Painted and Powder Coated




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