Let the “Fixing” Begin!

Wanting to do our 280Z restoration right, it was clear the first thing we were going to need was the right information.  As mentioned before, we turned first to the Zcar.com forum to get pointed in the right direction.  One of the first sites we were referred to was XenonS30.  This is the best site we’ve found so far with Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z reference information.  They have Datsun Z-car history, electronic versions of Datsun factory service manuals, Datsun color charts, Datsun engine information and etc.

We were also pointed to 2 other great reference tools available through Amazon.com.  The Haynes “Datsun 240Z, 260Z & 280Z, 1970-1978 Repair Manual” (OK, duh, I probably could have thought of that one) and “How to Restore Your Datsun Z Car”, written by Wick Hubble.  Between these and the factory service manuals, there are few repairs for which you won’t have a decent reference guide.

Clearly the first thing we needed to do with our 280Z was to get the motor out.  After brow-beating my son about how this wasn’t going to be like his last projects where parts are sorted into what he believes to be carefully planned piles, which to me appear to simply be parts strewn across the garage floor, we agreed that we were going to bag and tag everything.  As per Wick Hubble’s (who is this guy?) Datsun restoration guide, we put all of our component parts, nuts and bolts, etc. into labeled zip-lock bags.  Removing the motor was surprisingly easy.  Especially since my son did most of the work.  🙂

Datsun 280Z Restoration - Organizing Parts

Tagged and bagged!

Datsun 280Z Restoration Engine Removal
Upon tearing down our L28 motor, it became clear that someone ran their baby out of oil and then proceeded to drive it many more miles after this.  One piston push rod was seized onto the crank with no remaining bearing.  Ouch!  The matching N42 head was in decent shape but showing its age.  Clearly we were going to need to rebuild our motor and head.
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