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An initial assessment of our new 280Z made it clear we were going to need a lot of help.  As our first Z restoration, we needed to find good resources to help us figure out how to get started.Silver 1976 Datsun 280Z - Front

The great news is there are lots of Datsun Z lovers out there ready to help.  We became members of the “ZCAR” forum at This site gives you access to Z-car forums for whatever Datsun model year you’re interested in, with many enthusiasts ready to jump in and give you advice.  But be warned:  These forums aren’t for the thin-skinned.  There’s a search function on the site that lets you look to see if the subject you’re interested in has already been discussed previously.  Nothing will invoke the wrath of ZCar forum curmudgeons faster than a newbie who jumps in asking questions they’ve already answered 27 times.

The angry mechanics who do most of the heavy-lifting on the site have happy dreams about these chances to provide a the goofy new Z owner a humiliating kick in the crotch.  In one such encounter, an obviously-young Z owner was asking how to make his car “…go faster…”.  The responses ranged from, “Put rocket fuel in the gas tank.” to “Set your speedometer forward by 10 mph so it always looks like you’re going faster.”  Ouch!

The 2nd greatest offense on any forum is to pretend you know what you’re talking about when you really don’t know your backside from a hot rock.  If you’re just getting started, admit you’re an idiot up front.  Everyone likes to help a retard.  No one likes to help a jackass.  Finally, is about restoring original Datsun Z cars.  If you really want to get a boot in the rear from the site regulars, start asking questions about putting a V8 in your Z.  Besides calling you various colorful names and dissin’ your mother, they’ll tell you to go to, which is the place for the more unorthodox Datsun Z modifications.

If you’re new to Datsun restoration, like we were, you don’t know what you don’t know.  That’s where the forums are a great resource.  Many a newbie has been in the same place you’re in and you get the benefit of reading the questions and answers from all those who’ve been flamed by the Datsun Z-forum gurus before you.  With some study and a little practice using search, you may even avoid making a complete dillweed of yourself, though it’s pretty unlikely.  More importantly, you can very quickly find important information like where to get Datsun Z-car manuals,  parts, reference sites, etc. etc.

Speaking of which, we’re developing a list of the more useful Datsun Z web pages on our website at

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