OK, let’s get the nostalgia out of the way. All these “when-I-first-fell-in-love-with-the-Datsun-Z” stories seem to start pretty much the same so I’ll jump right in. The first time I sat in a Datsun Z-car was in 1982. An auto-shop buddy was detailing a ‘70s 260Z to sell. I was hooked. The tight cockpit, bucket seats, sporty gauges and controls were about the coolest thing I’d ever seen. But it was 1982 and I was driving a ’69 Roadrunner so I couldn’t possibly admit how much I liked this car. It would take 28 years before I came to my senses and bought my first Z.

My first 280Z

My first car looked just like this one. It definitely didn't handle like a 280Z!

As most 280Z restoration adventures go, ours started with spending about 3,000,000 hours (OK, so I’m exaggerating a little) looking through the want ads for the perfect Z.  Also like most Datsun Z restorations, our Z turned out to be far from perfect.  More on that later…
Silver 1976 Datsun 280Z
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